Our Upper East Side Location

Our speech-language pathologist on the Upper East Side provides a wide array of valuable services for all ages, from toddlers to children to adults and all the way to geriatric services and larger groups, including informal and formal evaluations, group therapy private corporation consulting, and traveling services. There are many issues and problems that can be handled with speech and language treatment, among which aphasia, voice disorders, palliative care, and traumatic brain injury.

The Upper East Side of Manhattan, in New York City, is a neighborhood that is between Central Park/Fifth Avenue, 59th Street, the East River, and 96th Street. Included within it are smaller neighborhoods, such as Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hall, and Yorkville. The Upper East Side covers 1.76 square miles and has a population of about 207,543. It is considered among the most affluent areas in all of New York City. There are many landmarks and points of interest, like the Andrew Carnegie mansion, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Carlyle Hotel. Many books, TV shows, and movies have been set there, among which are the The Jeffersons, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and The Catcher in the Rye. It's notable residents are many and include comedian Ricky Gervais, singer Mariah Carey and director Martin Scorsese. (source: Wikipedia)

Speech disorders and language delay are included in the specialties of our speech-language pathologist on the Upper East Side. It is crucial that children don't fall unnecessarily behind in school or social development, and you don't need to feel overwhelmed because you have us on your side. Voice therapy is also available for both children and adults. Reasons that this type of help might be necessary are due to the stroke, Parkinson's Disease, brain tumors, and head and neck cancer, for just a few examples. Whether due to an acute trauma or a chronic condition, not being able to vocalize effectively can be highly frustrating and debilitating.

Difficulties with swallowing, or what is known as dysphagia, occurs when you are not able to carry food or liquid from the mouth to the stomach and away from the trachea. This is a very serious matter, and one that our speech-language pathologist on the Upper East Side is skilled and experienced in treating. In worst case scenarios, you could end up with aspiration pneumonia from this disorder. It can impact anyone, even infants, which can be particularly frightening for a parent. Caused by such varied factors as acid reflux, stroke, a tumor in the mouth, the presence of a tracheotomy tube, or a progressive neurological disorder, treatment will be directed toward the prevention of aspiration pneumonia and other consequences that can threaten your health or even your life.